Mom To Mom – Reward Kid’s Good Behavior with a Warm & Fuzzy Jar

I have three kids who love to argue and disagree with each other, so finding anything we possibly can to help create good behavior in the house is a win for us. So I came across this warm and fuzzy jar, and it’s so easy to make, and it will definitely help with those bad attitudes that you get every now and then.

So, let’s go ahead and assemble this and I’ll tell you exactly why and how it works. So, all you’re going to need is a jar per kid, and then some pom pom balls. These are the fuzzy ones, hence the warm and fuzzy jar. And then, of course, some decorations, and let them decorate it however they like. I like to put a little label on mine, just so we know exactly what it is.

Now, why we love the warm and fuzzy jar so much is, occasionally we can be extremely busy in life, and positive reinforcement is good for the kids. So, anytime you see them doing something really awesome around the house, you tell them to go put a warm and fuzzy in the jar. If they’re doing something nice to their sibling, they put a warm and fuzzy in the jar. So, every time you see them doing something wonderful in your house, they put the warm and fuzzies in the jar. Once the jar is filled, then they can choose whatever they want to do, like ice cream, or maybe go get a toy. It just helps create the positive reinforcement, and it helps keep down on those arguments at home.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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