Mom to Mom- Shower Bombs

Today on Mom to Mom, if you’re feeling a little stuffed up, we have a great homemade shower remedy.

We are making vaporizing shower bombs and it’s a lot easier than you think and more than likely, you have all the ingredients in your house. All you’re going to need is some corn starch, some Vaporizing Rub, a mixing bowl and an ice tray. Now let’s get to making it. You just need one cup of corn starch, three tablespoons of Vaporizing Rub and four to five tablespoons of water. I have all mine already in this bowl, just for time purposes. I’m going to dump the water in and start to mix it all together.

And you kind of want just a really good consistency. Once you have it mixed, then you can start molding it and putting it in your ice cube tray. Once you have it in your ice cube tray, you let it sit for a few hours and then you can pop them out, put them in a jar and save them for their time that you’re feeling a little stuffy headed. I love these so much because they last for a long time, but I must say that you cannot bathe with them. You need to put them in the bottom of the tub so the water hits it and then the steam rises and kind of clears you all up. It’s perfect for colds, even kids as well. If you enjoy using these or have any other tips, send them our way and we’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.

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