Mom To Mom – Simplify Your Week with a Meal Plan Checklist

Doing a little prep for the week to come can make you a lot more successful when it comes with healthy eating. One of the hardest things to do with thinking about the week to come is remembering, what the heck do I cook?

One simple strategy is to sit down and actually make a master recipe list. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you just want to sit down and write out all the meals you love and your family loves. Each week you can use this list to help pull out three or four recipes for the week to come. It makes the process goes so much faster.

Another tip is, if you’re looking for a lot of variety, try one new recipe a week. That’s potentially 52 new recipes for the year to come. You may try a recipe and the whole family may hate it, so you never make it again; it does not end up on your master recipe list. But you may try a new recipe and everyone loves it, and so it goes right on your recipe list and you don’t forget about it.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
Categories: Health, Mom To Mom