Mom to Mom – Stuffed Turkey

We have a simple Thanksgiving-themed activity for your toddler. If you’ve got a busy toddler, they’re absolutely going to love this. So we’re going to stuff the turkey, and it gets their fine motor skills working as well. So what you want to do is grab a plastic bottle. It can really be anything that’s smaller. Then you’re going to need some feathers that you can get at the craft store, some little pompoms, some glue, some tape, some clothing pens, and some googly eyes and some construction paper. So let’s put this little guy together, and then I’ll show you how they can learn and stuff the turkey.

So first, you want to grab your plastic bottle. Then you’re going to glue some googly eyes on there. Then you’re going to cut out your beak for your turkey. Then you’re going to grab some feathers. It doesn’t matter how many you grab, just about three or four. Then I like to tape these guys together and put it on the back of the bottle. Now, once I have all this completed, it looks like a little turkey. Now what you want to do is take a clothespin, I like to use this because this is how they get their fine motor skills going. They use the clothespin to actually pick up the pompom, and then drop it into the turkey. And they can fill it up, so it keeps them busy for quite some time while learning their fine motor skills. If you have any great ideas, we’d love to hear about it. You can message us on our Mom to Mom Facebook page. We’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.


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