Mom to Mom – Turkey Candy Glove

Today on Mom to Mom, we are making Thanksgiving party favors for kids. It’s almost turkey time and we’ve got a fun way to keep your kids occupied on Thanksgiving. And it can also be used as a cute little party favor for those kids. So we are making a turkey snack type thing for your kids. So all you’re going to need are these clear gloves. Make sure that they’re powder-free as well. You can get them at Walmart or on Amazon. Then you’re going to need some googly eyes, some clear rubber bands, some REESE’S, some M&M’s, whatever favorite candy that you have that’s fall-ish looking, and some popcorn, of course.

So we’re going to put these little guys together, and you can see how cute it is when we all get it to come together. So up first, you’re going to want to take your M&M’s. I like to use the red ones and put them in the thumb as the little gobbler for the turkey. Then you’re going to fill it with your yellow M&M’s, your brown ones, or you can use REESE’S, whatever candies, the green ones, just make it fall-ish. Once you get all those in the fingers of the gloves, then you’re going to put your popcorn right in there, stuff it pretty good. Once you have the popcorn on, you’re going to take your clear rubber band and just twist it up a little bit, sealing off the glove.

Now, we’re going to take our googly eyes and we’re going to just glue it on top of the bag. Also, I forgot to mention this, but you’re going to need some construction paper too, some orange construction paper, so you can make the beak. Once you grab your construction paper, cut off a little triangle, then you’re going to glue that a little bit under the eye. And then once you’ve got that dried and sealed, they’re super cute and ready to be put onto the Thanksgiving table. Your kids would love doing this activity. It’s just a lot of fun and it’s super cute. If you have any wonderful ideas, please share it with us, and you might see this on the next Mom to Mom.

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