Mom to Mom – Water Dye Game

If you’re looking for a fun, different way to teach your toddlers about their shapes, colors, animals, this is a fun activity for them. That includes water. Because what kid doesn’t love water, right? So all you’re going to need for this is a transparent glass, dish is what I have here, water, you’re going to need a plastic cup and you just need these fun sheets. You can get at Walmart, the Dollar Store. Also, we can’t forget the fun coloring. I like to use watercolor just to make a little extra fun for the kiddos.

So let’s get started. This is how you put it together. First, you want to take your paper and you want to lay it down and then you want to stick your glass dish on top of the paper, then you’re going to take your watercolor and kind of just squirt that in the dish. Then you’re going to take your water and dump it in the dish as well. And then I like to use some dish soap as well, just add a little fun. Can have some bubbles in there as well. Once you get that mixed together, you can use paint brush or spoon or fork, whatever you have. Stir that together. Then they can take their plastic cup and the fun begins. This is where they can look for shapes, which is what I have here. You can say, look for the heart. They move the cup around to find the heart. And you say, look for the oval. They move the cup around to find the oval. And it’s just a fun way to get the kids’ minds going and have fun with water at the same time.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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