Mom To Mom – Yarn and Stick Christmas Tree

Here’s a Christmas craft for the kiddos. We’re making yarn and stick Christmas trees. What’s so fun about this is it doesn’t cost a whole lot and you can get sticks from your backyard. The kids will absolutely love it because they love to run around and find those sticks.

All you need is some yarn that you can get from any craft store. I like to choose green because Christmas trees are green. Then some sticks out of your yard and then whatever decorations you have in your house already, or you can always get some at the store as well. But I like to use little pom-poms, maybe some buttons to throw on there, and then we can start assembling our fun Christmas trees.

Once you have all your stuff kind of laid out, then you want to break the sticks into the perfect shape of a tree. Then you’re going to take your hot glue gun and kind of glue all the corners together. Now I let this sit for about 20 minutes or so so it gets that good formation.

Once you have it dried, you’re going to take your yarn, tie a small piece on the corner of the tree, then you are going to start wrapping it all the way around the tree and then back down and then you tie at the other corner. Once you have the yarn around your Christmas tree, you can hand it off to those kiddos and have them start decorating it how they would like.

I use craft glue, but they can use Elmer’s glue. We use pom-poms because they look a lot like Christmas lights, and then we cut out a little star and put it on the top and your Christmas tree is ready to go.

Now, I personally like to use these as a decoration for Christmas dinner. You can sit them on top of the plates and they just look super cute. And you know that your kids did it.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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