More To The Story: 6th Cavalry Museum

FORT OGLETHORPE, Georgia (WDEF) – The 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe is open for business!

And now “sporting” a brand new exhibit.

And that exhibit honors a very special group of women.

Women who almost certainly haven’t received their “proper due.”

News12’s Dave Staley explains, in tonight’s edition of “More To The Story With Staley.”

There’s always a lot happening at the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort O. For example, the new mural is finished. It honors the 40-some year history of the Fort Oglethorpe Army post. From the POW camps. To the Jeep.
And inside, a new display, finished earlier this year. It recognizes the Army’s 6-Triple-8 Central Postal Directory Battalion. The only all-Black Women’s Army Corps unit to serve overseas during World War II. The group trained here.
Their mission in the European theater? Sort and send out mail to the troops. Mail that had not been delivered in two years.

“There were 17 million pieces of mail that had not been delivered. These women figured out the system, working around the clock, three shifts a day, seven days a week, and they got the mail delivered in six months time.”

A Black unit had never before been sent overseas. Eleanor Roosevelt pushed for it.
These women did their duty. But there was a sadness to it.

“It was just a punch in the gut to get a letter back and have KIA written on it. Because they worked so hard to find the soldier, and now they knew that he was dead. And their loved ones letters had never gotten to him.”

Some are now making a push for Congress to award this group a Congressional Gold Medal.
They’ve never been recognized. For their work. And the mission they fulfilled.
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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