More To The Story: Evie West’s career path could be a movie

From street life in L.A. to police life in Cleveland

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It’s certainly not easy to make a radical change in one’s life.

It takes a lot of effort. And a lot of faith.

One police officer in Cleveland, Tennessee did just that.

And now, she continues her mission of helping people.

And trying to save lives.

News 12’s Dave Staley has the story of Sergeant Evie West, in tonight’s edition of “More To The Story With Staley!”

The beat goes on for Cleveland city police Sergeant Evie West. West is in charge of Community Relations. The Information Officer as well.

It’s an anniversary year for Evie West. She’s been with the department for 20 years.

But her remarkable journey really starts before becoming a police officer. West’s younger years in California were filled with criminal activity, illegal drugs, two unplanned pregnancies, the first at age 16. And near death.

Then her parents sent her to Lee University in Cleveland. And life eventually changed. Luck, you might ask? Nope, not in Evie West’s book.

“There are several times when my life should’ve ended. People holding a gun to my head. People standing in an alley-way and holding a knife on me. People who wanted to kill me. And then they looked over my head and saw something and ran. And I turned around and there was nothing there. Just divine intervention.”

Over the past two decades, West has made it her mission, with faith, to try and save lives. Sharing her story. Identifying with teenage mothers.

But West says there’s a certain way her story must be shared. Bottom line: the story has to be interesting.

“If you’re boring, if you don’t have a story, if you don’t compel and challenge them, then they won’t listen. I think it’s the delivery. You can have the most boring life story, but if you know how to deliver the story, then I think people will be interested.”

West says she will retire from the force one day. But not quite yet. As the mission continues. Emphasizing to all that human life, has value….

“I want to continue to help other people.”

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