More To The Story: High School Riflery Team

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – When you think of competitive sports, you probably don’t think about rifle shooting.

But it’s an Olympic sport, and people of all ages have been doing it for a long time.

On the high school level as well!

News 12’s Dave Staley tells us about one of the best prep teams in the nation Right here in our area!

It’s basketball practice for Bradley Central. In the main gym. But turn around and walk behind the bleachers…..into the upper gym…..and they’re shootin’ baby!!! Bradley Central versus East Ridge.
Sporting seven and a half pound air powered rifles. Point one-seven-seven caliber pellets.
Oh, it’s not an expensive sport. But it’s a difficult sport. In fact, it’s as hard as…..well…….the hardwood they stand, kneel and lay on!

“By percentage, it’s the hardest team in school to make. One out of every 100 kids that I test has the talent to do this. Your eyesight has to be nearly perfect. You must be very calm, very focused and generally speaking, the better athlete you are, the better shooter that you are because your heart will actually beat less.”

Chris Ingle is retired Army. He’s led the Bears rifle team for ten years. Guiding this group to number one in the state. To one of the top-five rifle teams in the nation!

“So just how good is the Bradley Central JROTC rifle team? Let me put it to you this way: the team is on a winning streak that would make any team, at any level, proud of! For this team last lost a shoulder to shoulder match seven years ago. Back in 2014.”

That’s well over 50 wins in a row. No surprise: it’s a huge point of pride for the Bears!

“Absolutely. They are so into this. They practice all the time. They practice in the mornings. They’ll be here at zero-6:30, as well as practicing after school. I’m trying a new approach this season. More practice, as we get ready for the big tournaments.”

Those big tournaments will come in February and March of next year. That’s when the major league medals will be handed out. Don’t be surprised if Bradley Central continues to extend its remarkable run of championships.
From Cleveland, Dave Staley News 12 Now.

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