More To The Story: New type of bookstore opens in Hixson

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Dave Staley shows us a new bookstore opening in our area that promises to be more of a cultural touchstone.

“This bookstore opened in late October. It’s the company’s first such bookstore in Tennessee. But then again, to call it a bookstore really is not accurate!”

More to the point, it’s a pop culture store, with a bookstore background. As for the bookstore part of the equation, this shop deals in mostly used books. Brought in by the community. The goal is to have Chattanooga essentially shape the store. With a nice mix of customers.

The store is 2nd and Charles and it’s located in the Oak Park Town Center in Hixson.

“We have a younger crowd, bringing in unique things that are created now. Pop culture things. But you also have that backbone that’s been reading for years. They bring in the classic books. Collector editions, that kind of stuff.”

As for the “pop culture” you say? Well, you have an ample amount alrighty! As the store deals in selling and buying guitars. Same can be said for vinyl records, CD’s, video games, comic books. There’s even a surprise mystery box.
And a locked up case filled with various old books. Worth a good chunk of change. First edition kind of stuff.

“We bring used books back to life. We allow PEOPLE to get things back to life. Things in your basement come to us, and goes to a new person so THEY can love the books!”

Oh, there’s also a “free bin” outside. One can stop by and sift through the goods. Where you just might discover one of your favorites.

Updated to include more details.

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