More To The Story: Tammy Little Haynes wins beauty crowns decades apart

the former Miss Alabama has now won a Mrs. Senior Alabama crown

SECTION, Alabama (WDEF) – How many people have a roadway named after them? In this big universe of ours, not many.

But in Section, Alabama, the main drag is named after one of that town’s finest.

You see, everybody there knows Tammy Little Haynes.

She was Miss Alabama back in 1984. That put her in a position to meet lots of people. Entertainers…….even Presidents.

Then last year, a friend suggested she enter the Mrs. Senior Alabama Pageant. She won.

And then late last year, she was crowned Mrs. Senior World 60’s, for that age group. Three crowns. 37 years apart.
Enough to make husband and kids mighty proud!

“It was interesting to watch my kids reaction. My husband was around back in ’84 when I won Miss Alabama. But it was interesting to watch my kids when I was on stage competing. They were giving me the thumbs up sign. They saw me in a different light. They’ve been very supportive and proud of me.”

After winning her first crown back in 1984, Tammy started a journey in the world of entertainment. She says she’s always been an entertainer.

But winning the Mrs. Senior World title also gives her a platform to empower women, as well as help in the fight against ALS. It’s a disease that hits close to home.

As a Mrs. Senior World, Tammy is required to make at least one public appearance a month. She says she makes more than that. Because she wants to serve and help others. She says she’ll always be there.
Oh, and as far as that roadway sign….that’ll always be there too!

“I have joked with them that having won Mrs. Senior Alabama, it’ll be there for another 37 years. Having won Mrs. Senior World, it’s good for life!!”

From Section, Alabama, Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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