More To The Story: Treehouse Vacations

Dave visits a new vacation rental in Dade County

RISING FAWN, GA (WDEF) – 41 year old Michael Hicks and his wife Teah own a company that makes unique spaces. For unique destinations.

This is their latest creation. Up on Lookout Mountain, in Dade County. Three vacation rentals.

The Hicks bought the property back in 2020. And you can’t beat the view. You can’t beat the uniqueness, because all three are built out of shipping containers. Nor can you beat the speed in which these “small spaces” were constructed.

One year. All three. In fact, this, the first one, was built in the parking lot of Michael’s office in Rossville. In 27 days kids.

“I thought I would do one. I didn’t have a place to put one. So I talked with my wife and told her I wasn’t crazy. I just wanted to build a shipping container house. And then find a place to put it.”

Michael and Teah found the place. And then the perfect place for their next venture. A treehouse. On the “East Brow” in Rising Fawn.
Tennessee sports a number of treehouses. And there are a number here in our area. This joins the party. It’s a true treehouse. Built in the trees. Reached by a stairway. This tiny gem only took a few months to build as well.

“The treehouse came later. We were looking at unique spaces. This seemed to be a really good fit. We fell in love with it. It made a perfect spot for a treehouse.”

This little treehouse will be featured on a national cable network in the coming weeks.

No surprise. The place has been open for bookings since November. And Teah says it’s been busy……busy!!!!

“A lot of locals like to get away. You feel like you’re getting away, even though you’re really close to home. There are amenities such as a hot tub, as well as a tub overlooking the view. People love that.”

The Hicks’ say they are just getting started with their buildings. Plans are as far away as Savannah, Georgia!

For more information, you can visit their website here.

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