More To The Story with Staley: 60 years of marriage

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tennessee (WDEF) – We’re up on Signal Mountain. In front of the town’s fire department. Sandra and Stacey Seals are flipping through some old pictures. Actually, a lifetime of photos. Six decades to be exact. Because you see, a little over a month ago, Sandra and Stacey celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. 60th. Not many couples can say that.

“It’s a lot of give and take. You just don’t quit. You just keep right on going. We made a commitment when we got married. When he said I do, he meant it. I meant it too.”

The two met while attending Sequatchie County High School in Dunlap. They married on Signal Mountain after Sandra finished high school.
After two children and 60 years, the two say they are still in love so many years later.
And Stacey is still working. At the age of 81, after pastoring a local church for some 40 years, Stacey Seals is the chaplain for the fire department. It’s close to his heart.

“On duty 24/7. If they call, I come. It’s all for those who serve. I love them. I love their attitude of helping people who are in trouble.”

Stacey is also well known for his giving to Blood Assurance. It’s documented. He’s given some 70 gallons of platlets in his lifetime.

The Seals daughter, Donna, who lives with them, says that’s no surprise. She says it’s a giving family. A close family. With Mom and Dad leading the way. As best friends.

“They fuss about what they fuss about. Then it’s okay in about 15 minutes. Only best friends can do that. They are not perfect parents, but they are perfect for each other. And they are the perfect parents for me and my brother.”

The Seals say they remain in good health. And looking forward to many more anniversaries.

From Signal Mountain, Dave Staley, News 12.

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