More To The Story with Staley: 84 year old painter

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It was the darkest days of the pandemic. 84 year old Pat Blankenship, a lifelong Hixson resident, had recently undergone heart surgery. Doctors said she must stay at home.

The solitude was getting to be too much for Pat. She knew something had to change. Her grandson asked her…..’what do you want to do?’

“I have got to have something to do. Sitting here all day is driving me nuts. Without even thinking, I said I want to paint.”

And that’s how it all started. Pat watched a few videos, practiced a bit…..and then started churning out the paintings. Usually one a day, sometimes two.

It’s now become a passion. She’s crafted at least a hundred paintings so far. People love them. And Pat can’t wait to get up every morning!!

“The longer I paint, the more fun it is because I’m getting better at it. It’s so much fun. I get up at 4AM every day. And as soon as the daylight hits…….I start painting!!”

Pat’s grandson helps her with buying the needed materials to paint. As does her best friend, Tammy Bertrand.

In fact, Tammy, who owns a hair salon in Hixson, has many of Pat’s paintings for sale in her store.

Those close to Pat are not surprised by her tremendous talent. Pat IS surprised!!

“I have shocked myself. I had no idea I could do this. Now, my grandson paints, but I don’t like his paintings. They are too modern!! My paintings are memories when I was a child.”

Whether it be paintings from the early 1900’s, or just a pretty group of flowers, Pat wants to paint until, well, she’s not here to do it anymore.

By the way, Pat only paints Monday through Friday. Even the best……deserve the weekend off!!

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