More to the Story with Staley: Furrever Friends

MURPHY, N.C. (WDEF) — Many of us love our pets, and they become members of the family. But for one man in Murphy, North Carolina, his love of animals inspires him to write songs.

Eli Grimes is a Georgia native. Now he lives in Murphy, North Carolina.

A contractor by trade, Grimes has always been a songwriter. And many of his songs have been about animals. Here’s one of his latest tunes!

The song is “Furrever Friend.” Written for this little guy.

Furrever Friend2

Grimes found the black feral cat in his neighborhood. He took it in with the intent of finding it a home.

He took it to an animal shelter. But no one would adopt it.

So, Grimes grabbed his pen and pad and went to work!

“So I sat down and wrote a song called ‘Furrever Friend.’ As soon as we finished recording, I put it out there on my website,” Grimes said. “Immediately, a guy drove for over two hours to adopt the kitty.”

Grimes has been writing songs since he was nine years old. He says he’s written thousands, and has recorded about 50 of them with his band, the “Eli’s Coming Band.”

Eli’s hung out with a few stars too, such as Toby Keith.

Eli Toby Keith

But writing about animals is what’s closest to his heart.

Grimes said, “And the good news is: if you go to my website, you can download “Furrever Friend” for free. I want the song to touch hearts, so people will adopt animals.”

The 70-year-old Grimes says “Furrever Friend” has had hundreds of thousands of hits on his various social media sites. He has no plans on stopping his work for man’s best friends.

“If you can’t help an animal, who could you help?” Grimes said.


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