More To The Story with Staley: Making Knives

FLINTSTONE, Georgia (WDEF) – “I figured out I’m good at this. Or I can BE good at it.”

He’s good at it all right! History indicates such! For Michael Prater is really good at making knives. Specifically, making knife handles. With uniqueness and creativity.

Prater started crafting and selling knives back in the 1980’s. Moving into this relatively small shop in Flintstone, Georgia back in the late 90’s.

He’s even surprised himself with the success at hand.

“I felt I could make a living with it. But I did not realize I would be employing 15 people. To do the work that we do.”

And the work rolls on. Bigtime. During the height and dark days of COVID-19, Prater’s business stayed busy. Remarkably, as busy as ever.
In fact, his shop only closed down for one day. There’s a reason for that. A major reason.

“We found out that we are an essential company. We furnish to hardware stores. Hardware stores are essential.”

Prater’s company makes well over 20-thousand knives a year. Selling to collectors and the general public. And he’s done it all without any advertising. All word of mouth.

Many of his products supply other companies. Such as Frost Cutlery here in Chattanooga.

Michael says he’s still amazed at how many people are interested in knives.

But he says it’s been a long, joyous road. And at the age of 70, and a cancer survivor, with business booming, he has no plans on slowing down!

“I feel better than I look!!”

From Flintstone, Dave Staley, News 12. >


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