More to the Story with Staley: new Cereset franchise

Cereset offers BrainEcho technology to treat your stress

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Whether you work in an office building downtown or for that matter, work in your office at home, you might be dealing with stress. At one point in time, all of us have to deal with some sort of stress. However, if you come to the 7th floor of the James Building here in downtown Chattanooga, there might be an answer to your situation.

Walk thru the doors of the new Cereset franchise, and Chase and Katie Whitmire will do their best to help you relax. And heal.

“Often times in our world today, we are bombarded by stress. It’s not good for our brain. It’s not good for our body.”

This is one of many Cereset franchises all over the country. The first in Chattanooga.

It’s an organic, holistic and non-invasive approach to working with your brain. Technology is the secret sauce.

“What Cereset does is use technology. It allows the brain to see itself. And to then hear where it’s out of balance. Where its stuck. And the brain then does the work of putting itself back to center.”

It’s a wellness experience. Using BrainEcho technology. On go the sensors, the software translates brain rhythms, and the audio echos are played back to the client. And it’s in real time.

“The best case scenario: clients go to sleep! Then, the brain is not working. Or worrying. The brain is sleeping. And it will then start the process of rewiring.”

This franchise opened for business in May. Whitmire says most clients are very accepting of the practice, having tried many other things.

Head to the Cereset website for more information.

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