More to the Story with Staley: Revive Dentistry

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — There is an organization in Chattanooga that is getting ready to celebrate its one-year anniversary. It’s a place that helps people who might be in need. More to the point: it’s a place that will make people smile, sometimes for the first time in a long while.

“Now that’s an interesting story Dave!” said Hyram Thomas.

Oh, he can tell a good story alright! He’ll be 67 years old the end of this month. One of our nation’s finest: a veteran.

He’s in the big chair! Getting ready for more dental work. Here at Revive Dental. A place that changed his life last year, when he walked through the front door with a friend. You see, Hyram is legally blind.

“She said ‘are you a veteran?’ I said yes, I am. She then said that I might qualify for a program here. I said Okay. And here we are. Worked out great for me!” Thomas said.

Hyram is one of many who have been helped by this non-profit facility on Dodds Avenue, which opened almost a year ago.

It’s a clinic that mainly serves the uninsured. It partners with recovery clinics, with an emphasis on veterans such as Hyram.

Prices are low. On the flip side, the end result seemingly benefits everybody.

Director of Operations Mackenzie Keith explains, “It’s probably been the most blessed experience of my life. Everybody is so loving and appreciative that we are here. The price is so affordable. We also help with payment options. Basically, we are here to serve the community.”

Hyram has been legally blind since 1998. Glaucoma got him. New dentures have given him a new lease on life. He says in all regards, he’s a new man.

“I do have my smile back, and I’m happy about that. I had to learn how to smile again. Yes! I can smile now. I’m practicing on it!” Thomas exclaimed.

Since July of last year, this office has worked on some 1,500 patients. They are helping a lot of people recover, and helping people change their look.


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