More to the Story with Staley – Signing Day

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – Before 2017, this was a stressful time of year for potential college football players coming out of high school. The signing day in early February would determine where those players were heading, on scholarship. Decisions to make.

Things changed completely in 2017, when an early signing period was added in mid-December.

For a young man like Cleveland senior DJ Adams, there was no reason to wait until February. Sign with UTC. Play your cards right now!

“I just wanted to get it done. Make it official,” UTC signee DJ Adams said.

There are still players who will be recruited up until the old, traditional February signing day. Some will sign then.

But consider this: right around 85 percent of the players heading to play scholarship football now sign in December.

Cleveland Interim Head Football Coach David Barger says the early signing period is good for DJ, and good for most of the kids. “I think the early signing period takes pressure off of these guys. These kids can now focus in and simply concentrate on being a senior this last half of the year,” Barger said.

National Letter of Intent Signing Day was instituted back in 1964, essentially to regulate and control football recruiting.

Barger says the way he sees it, the December signing period makes things easier on the college coaches as well. “I think it’s good for college coaches too. Get the guys in early. Get them in house. You have less worry about guys flipping. Or things happening. I feel like the early signing period has been a really good thing.”

Along those lines, players who commit early have a chance for early spring enrollment at their chosen school. They can acclimate before the season starts.

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