More To The Story with Staley: Stair Climbing

Dave shows us the sport of stair climbing or "Tower Running"

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – “Climbing stairs is you versus the clock. It’s you versus you……”

And Troy Alston can run the stairs alright.

Better than just about anybody in the world. Because you see, Troy is a professional stair runner.

Yes, it is a sport. Not an Olympic sport. But a sport.

Officially called Tower Running. Contestants race up the stairs of tall buildings. It’s a timed event.

“To put that in perspective, it’s buildings such as the Empire State Building. It’s the stairs within them.”

Alston has been in Chattanooga for about a year now, after years in Florida.

He’s been a competitive stair runner for 11 years.

He holds numerous records IN Florida.

He’s now ranked 4th in the world in the sport.

That’s not by accident.

This 35 year old man trains constantly.

“You must get creative. The goal is to run the first ten floors like the last ten floors. I go through full body workouts. I train multiple days. I do a lot of runs. Of course, I do stair intervals as well.”

Alston says he likes the challenge of the sport. And he likes to inspire others.

He says running stairs is relaxing in a way. Relaxing……despite the difficulty.

“It’s more mental than physical. You must convince your mind that you can keep going. I really like it because it teaches you to deal with adversity and push forward.”

Alston says the pandemic continues to affect the sport of stair running.

He’s hoping his next competition goes down in September.

Until then, Troy will keep training. One step, two steps and sometimes, three steps at a time. Dave Staley, News 12

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