More to the Story with Staley: Welcome Home of Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Death is not something that people normally like to talk about. But for one Chattanooga organization, it’s starting up a new program that deals specifically with the subject of dying.

Welcome Home of Chattanooga is an organization that provides comfort and care for those who are terminally ill, and need help.

The facility offers a wide variety of services. Just last month, the group started a new service.

It is open to the public once a month. It’s a support group, a place where people can come and talk about the most serious of issues.

“There are lots of support groups in town, but they’re more focused on your illness, and where you’re at,” Judith Pedersen-Benn said. “This is more about facing death and what questions you may have, or what support you might need. And if you have questions that we can’t answer, we’ll find the answers.”

The new program is actually a support group within a support group. It’s all part of demystifying death.

Welcome Home says education is the key point. Because people, all of us, will be better informed when our time here is coming to a close.

Pedersen-Benn continued, “The need is much greater than we realize. In our society, death is pretty much a taboo subject. Those who are facing death have few people to talk with. Here, with us, we feel it is a part of life. In other words, what are the things to do when you’re facing death.”

Head to the Welcome Home website for more information. The next support group meeting is this coming Tuesday at 6:30, in person or virtually.

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