More To The Story with Staley: Wood Turning

Dave finds some experts in wood arts

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – There was more sawdust flying at the Trade Center this past weekend than you could shake a stick at.

Speaking of a stick, that’s actually what’s happening here. Take a stick of wood. Any size. Put it on a lathe…….and turn it into…..something. Could be anything.

It was the 36th annual American Association of Woodturners Symposium.

More than a thousand makers from all over the world gathering to learn, share, sell and celebrate the craft of woodturning.

“Woodturning can be enjoyed by anybody between the ages of eight and 108. Big or small. You can make things that are complicated or very simple. From bowls, to chair legs. Or to various types of sculptures.”

Woodturning is a craft that dates back thousands of years. By turning and carving, you can make a slew of things you normally wouldn’t associate with woodturning. Witness some of the items that were up for sale. The cowboy hat is a prime example. That takes a lot of skill.
But you can only reach that level of marksmanship if you have the right mindset.

“It can be hard……if you don’t enjoy it. It’s a great hobby. A fun hobby. Like anything, if you have fun, you’ll get better at it.”

The convention featured a number of educational sessions, plus a lot of demonstrations. With a good number of specialized methods of art work.

It’s all good for these woodturners. Because it’s a big part of their being!!

“A lot of people say they reach an almost “zen like’ feeling. They say it’s a calming, creative feeling. It’s solitude in a very busy life.”

“There is a passion. It’s a good experience to be a part of. And a very gratifying hobby to get into.”

Because of the pandemic, this was the AAW’s first live convention since 2019.

For these woodturners, it was a glorious return!

From downtown Chattanooga, Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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