Mother and son indicted for theft from their own Meigs County church

DECATUR, Tennessee (WDEF) – A mother and son have been indicted on charges of defrauding their church in Meigs County.

Carolyn Mullins and her son, William “Larry” Mullins were treasurer and assistant treasurer for Peakland Baptist Church.

The church burned in 2019.

Members planned to rebuild with $189,000 from their insurance policy.

But the reconstruction came up short of money and was never completed.

That’s when the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office got involved.

Their investigation found that the Mullins were siphoning money from the reconstruction account.

They say their investigators learned that they stole most of the $83,000 through internet transfers and withdrawals from the church account.

The investigation claims the pair wrote church checks to themselves, which they used to buy gift cars, cigarettes, a ring and clothing from Walmart.

They did transfer about $12,000 back to the account, but that left a sizable debt.

In July, a Meigs County Grand Jury indicted Carolyn and Larry Mullins on theft charges.

“It’s a best practice for churches to have someone other than treasurer reconcile the monthly bank statements and review financial activity,” said Comptroller Jason Mumpower. “Separating financial responsibilities reduces the risk of errors or fraudulent activity.”

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