Motorcyclist slides on I-24 diesel fuel spill

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- This weekend a Chattanooga motorcyclist had a completely unavoidable accident on 24 East near the Rossville Boulevard exit.

He was following all of the traffic laws and still had a bad wreck.

“Things happen in a split second”, says Gilland.

Beau Gilland was riding his motorcycle merging on 24 East when he noticed a tractor trailer leaking diesel fuel.

He tried to avoid the fuel but he lost control of his bike and slid across the interstate.

Gilland says, “First responders were telling me that diesel fuel is very much like WD-40. It could have been a car sliding into the guardrail. It could have been anything.”

Gilland is okay and he was not driving distracted.

In fact, he was following all of the traffic laws.

But, he has a PSA for drivers who are not paying attention.

He says, “Every time I go out and ride I see people drifting into other lanes.So, my personal PSA to everyone is to be paying attention to what is on the road instead of what is on your phone or in your car.”

TDOT says that traffic was not as bad in the Tennessee Valley during the pandemic.

But now, it has returned to pre-pandemic levels and all drivers should use caution, especially during the holiday season.

Rae-Anne Bradley with TDOT says, “We also encourage motorists to obey the law. So, don’t speed, buckle up, don’t drive distracted, pay attention to your surroundings. We want you to get where you are going safely.”

As always, don’t forget to move over when you see emergency vehicles.

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