Moving company boom as housing market continues to be red hot

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF)-As the housing market in Tennessee and North Georgia continue to boom other industries have seen similar expansion.

“There’s a lot of heavy lifting, sometimes, and a lot of stairs involved. A lot of stairs!”

Wrapped-in-Bubble owner Louis Gianaro has been working in the moving industry for over a decade and this past March he decided to start his own family-run moving company.

“Been moving furniture ever since. I got to the point, where I was like I got to do something to help out and make moving affordable. I started our own moving company,” said Gianaro.

As houses continue to sell quickly, he has seen a similar increase in movers being hired.

“With houses being sold, a lot of people need moved. A lot of families around Chattanooga and the surrounding area,” said Gianaro.

Gianaro named the company Wrapped-In-Bubble because he wanted to make sure people’s items are wrapped as if they were inside a bubble.

“There’s padding involved, we shrink wrap. We do the necessary things to take care of it. Especially with antiques will shrink wrap and pad antiques and make sure nothing gets damaged or scraped,” said Gianaro.

He said the moving industry has created a lot of tight bonds over the years and his movers have become family.

“I’ve known them for a long time. They know how it’s like in the movie industry. How hard it is and we help each other out because it’s a team effort,” said Gianaro.

And sometimes the customers become part of the family too.

“There was one customer that had, he brought us in with his family to eat KFC with them at his table,” said Gianaro.

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