More to the Story with Staley: The Little Farmhouse

A look at the Creative Discovery Museum's newest exhibit

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Creative Discovery Museum is one of the “Crown Jewels” of downtown Chattanooga. It’s been here for some 25 years, always coming up with something new.

It’s the newest permanent addition to the Creative Discovery Museum. The name says it all: The Little Farmhouse. Specifically designed for kids, ages five and under.

It just opened less than a month ago. And essentially, it expands on a previous exhibit, which was very popular!

VP of Education Claire Stockman said, “Previously, this area was the ‘Little Yellow House.’ We now expand with almost twice as much square footage. And by expanding, we can add outdoor components and replicate a farm setting.”

The youngsters can now not only push buttons and turn knobs in a kitchen or a laundry room, but how about replicating a barn? Or for that matter, pound away on a workbench in a garage!

It’s all to engage the kids. Again, an emphasis on five and under.

“We want to keep it five and under. Obviously, if families have older kids, we won’t split up a family,” Director of Marketing and Communications Mackenzie Steele said. “But we do ask that parents keep an eye on their older ones. Just to make sure that everyone is safe, while keeping an eye on the little guys.”

Except for one traveling exhibit, all of the exhibits at the museum are listed as permanent. With that in mind, an exhibit such as this one isn’t made with a snap decision.

A whole lot of time goes into it!

“The exhibit process takes several years. It starts with specialists. They think about how to engage our youngest learners. So, they take into account many things,” Stockman said. “They think about all of the senses when our guests are in the spaces.”

It’s all about exploring life on a farm. Not only for education, but for a lot of pure fun!

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