Myles Mann and the Walker Valley defense

Walker Valley is already on the right track for another winning season. The Mustangs defense shut out Notre Dame in last week’s season opener — largely thanks to senior Myles Mann.

Kyler Parris/Linebacker: “Oh I was shocked. I was not expecting it, not at all.”

Walker Valley defensive lineman Myles Mann came out of nowhere and blew Notre Dame away in his starting debut.

Drew Akins: “We do bonus points, so when we do bonus points, everything kind of adds up. The tackles count for so much, and the sacks count for so much. … When I opened the stat sheet on Saturday, I said, ‘Oh my gosh! He had 36 and a half bonus points?!’ You don’t see numbers like that very often. … So proud of what he did and really just single handedly stopped that offense last week with Coach Fant, and they’ve got talent over there. They’ve got some athletes over there, and he just was unblockable.”

Mann’s slim frame and quick speed aren’t seen often at defensive line. However, Mann says that position fits him.

Myles Mann: “I’m not very coordinated to be honest. They tried me at tight end, couldn’t catch for a lick. I’m a wrecking ball, to be honest. I just go and hit someone. It’s not really super complicated, which also works.”

Akins: “Really, what I wanted to see out of Myles was him play within our scheme and have that success. I didn’t want him to do his own thing and have that success against a bad offensive line and then come back against a good offensive line and continue to do his own thing, and him get us beat. What I was most proud of is he did what we teach him to do and saw success, I think which encouraged him.”

Mann: “What the defensive coaches have been telling me since I came back was they cannot block me and that I just need to play the scheme and I’ll do what I need to do. Thanks to their scheme, that’s the only reason I’m doing what I’m doing.”

As a three sport athlete, Mann not only brings athleticism to the Mustangs, but energy as well.

Akins: “He’s a motor kid. We don’t have a lot of motor kids. They’re not around very much. You don’t see kids who just go, and go, and go, and go and never run out of energy. So to see a kid have that much energy and have that much fight every single snap, I think it energizes our defense to play as hard as he’s playing.”

Parris: “It’s like a fire. It spreads like a fire. Once one person gets fired up, it just spreads across the whole team.”

Akins: “Anytime you get a shutout it’s a big deal, and I think Myles’ energy kind of brought that along.”

Mann: “I don’t want to be a one game wonder. I want to maintain success, and I want to be an impact on the team because I want us to win.”

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