NCAA Declares College Athletes Are Free to Make Money on Their Fame

The NCAA has declared that college athletes are now free to make money on their fame. They can cash in on their name, image, and likeness.

The new policy went into affect Thursday. Auburn quarterback Bo Nix has already announced an endorsement with Milo’s sweet tea.

Besides endorsements, athletes can make money on social media, appearances, and autograph sessions.

The NCAA policy is temporary until congress approves a federal bill.

While it’s a great day for athletes, it means more work for athletic directors like UTC’s Mark Wharton.

Said Wharton:”You know we’re really in full force with the educatonal program to our student athletes. We’re working with the campus to see what we can do as far as requiring all freshmen to take either a Business 101 Class that addresses name, image, and likeness. Will it affect us? I think it will. The more that’s coming out. It’s not necessarily the Alym Ford’s or the star quarterback, but it also looks at social media. We have a cross country student-athlete. A female that she has 40,000 followers on her Tik Tok account that she would probably be ahead of Alym just because of views. I think it’s going to affect all of our sports.”

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