Neighbors rescue family trapped by house fire

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A kitchen fire trapped a family in the second story of their house on Thursday afternoon.

And it was their neighbors that came to the rescue.

It happened on Franklin Drive off East Brainerd Road around 4:30.

Several residents got out safely but the family was trapped by the flames.

A neighbor first spotted a girl in one of the upstairs windows.

He convinced he to jump into his arms and safety.

Then he saw the father also through the window.

He later told firefighters that the smoke was so thick, he had trouble even finding the window.

But he grabbed another neighbor who drug a trampoline over.

The father was able to jump onto it safely.

Chattanooga firefighters got it under control in less than 20 minutes.

In all, two adults and six children were put out of their home by the blaze.

But no one was hurt.

Fire officials said in a statement “We commend the heroic neighbors who stepped up to save lives in this terrifying and dangerous situation. Their fast thinking, resourcefulness and bravery were remarkable.”

There was another negative outcome from the fire.

Crews reported that several people drove over the hoses they were using to battle the fire.

“Please do not do this! It could potentially damage the lines and impede on efforts to attack the fire, endangering firefighters and any victims who could still be inside. It can also cause damage to your vehicle and leave you with a citation.”

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