Nephew gets life sentence for strangling his uncle

Sean Eugene Goode pleads guilty to fatal attack last November in Murray County

CHATSWORTH, Georgia (WDEF) – The suspect in a deadly family encounter last fall pleads guilty, but officials still aren’t clear why he did it.


32 year old Sean Eugene Goode lived next door to his aunt and uncle on Deep Springs Road east of Prater’s Mill.


On November 1oth, he slept over at their house and ate breakfast with them the next morning.


But when Elizabeth Pullen stepped inside from the porch to make some coffee, she heard her husband cry out for help.


When she came out, she saw her nephew choking Ricky Lamar Pullen.


She got them apart for a moment, but Goode renewed the attack.


When deputies got there, Goode was still strangling his uncle.


The officers subdued him, but it was too late.


Pullen was declared dead at the scene.


Goode told the deputies that he “had to do it” blaming the attack on things his uncle said before.  But he admitted Pullen hadn’t done anything to him that day.


Investigators never did come up with an explanation over what set Goode off that day.


Even this week at his plea hearing, he could not explain more about why he did it.


Goode agreed to a plea deal that comes with a life sentence.


Without the deal, he could have faced life without parole.


But with the deal he will be eligible for parole in 30 years.


Family members of the victim were present and approved the deal to bring it to an end.


Goode’s only prior record was a misdemeanor marijuana conviction 15 years ago.

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