New attraction coming to Dollywood plus a behind the scenes looks at Dolly’s tour bus where you can now stay

SEVIERVILLE. Tennessee (WDEF)- A new family coaster is coming to Dollywood. Big Bear Mountain will be a $25 million expansion. It’s nearly 4,000 ft long and is the longest roller coaster at the park. It will have a Top speed of 48 MPH and 3 launches.

Everything we do a Dollywood is about families as Dolly said it today its about bringing families closer together.

View it as a major expansion to the Golden ticket winner Wildwood Grove.

Big bear mountain is the largest single attraction that we have ever built at Dollywood. It comes right after us building Wildwood Grove in 2019 which was the largest overall expansion we’ve ever done.

This is part of the half a billion dollar investment into the park over the next 10 years which will bring plenty of tax revenue into the state.

Another Dollywood addition, you can now stay in Dolly Parton’s tour bus.

This is where she spent 12, 13 years of her life. She travel 360,000 miles across North America in this bus. She did everything in this bus she wrote backwoods Barbie, that album. 9 to 5 the musical, pretty much any project the dollies done the last few years she’s done in this bus.

It’s been fully customized by Dolly. And when we say fully customized we mean fully customized.

This area the bus most buses have bunk-beds  on both sides. Dolly had more clothes than she had people she wanted traveling with her so this side of the door bus became a full size closet. As you can see her dress and shoes and her necklaces are still in here.

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