New Hamilton County Officials Take Oaths of Office

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — After twelve years of service, Mayor Jim Coppinger said goodbye to the Mayor’s Office this morning.

His successor, Weston Wamp, was sworn in, and says he intends to lead with what he calls “civic courage.”

“Fortunately, all of us in this room and those of us in this community have many guiding examples, throughout the history of Hamilton County, if we want
to pursue civic courage, which I think of as putting our children ahead of ourselves, doing the things in our gut that we know are right, even if they’re
difficult, even if they may be unpopular,” said Wamp.

Weston Wamp’s sister, Coty Wamp, was sworn in as Hamilton County’s District Attorney General.

Coty Wamp is focusing on violent and drug-oriented offences, and hopes to see a more efficient judicial system after her eight years in office.

“We’re going to focus on Fentanyl. You sell Fentanyl in this county, you’re going to go to prison. I can guarantee you that the amount of drug dealers I
will send to prison will be much, much more than the prior administration. That number will go up no matter what,” said Coty Wamp.

As for law enforcement, Austin Garrett was sworn in as Hamilton County Sheriff.

Garrett is getting to work on expanding the Silverdale detention facility.

“We expect to open that twenty million dollar phase one expansion project at the end of this year. It’s on time, currently. We hope to have that open.
That will make a huge change to that entire facility,” said Garrett.

More than half of the county commission is now composed of newcomers.

Weston Wamp and the new commissioners will have their first public meeting next Wednesday.

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