New Home, More Room

Helping A Special Group


An organization that helps a very specific group of people is now at a new location. It’s bigger and better than the old facility.

And that means more people in need can be helped.

It’s a relatively small, cozy place. But on nearly five acres of land, in a wooded area of Chattanooga. Off the beaten path if you will.
It’s the new location for “Welcome Home of Chattanooga.”
Buying the land… the renovations so far….adds up to right around 900-thousand dollars.

“There are not a whole lot of places like this. This is a facility, which is specifically designed, for somebody who has been diagnosed with a serious illness. And needs end of life help.”

“People may not have shelter for various reasons. Or if they had a home, they may not have help in caring for them. They need a place to receive hospice care. But in addition, they need family style care.”

The old location on Germantown Road could serve five patients. This new campus, where renovations started last winter, can now serve ten. And more expansion is planned. There is certainly room for it.
Again, one must be under hospice care to live here. But guess what? Every so often, something unexpected happens.

“Sometimes we have the fortunate challenge of people being released from hospice, because once they have shelter, care and love, they get better. Then we’re able to work with them to get permanent housing.”

There is a waiting list to live here. Patients are decided on a case by case basis. Those in charge say they’ll continue to do all they can. Because all of us….would like to be free of suffering.

And again, it certainly is a unique place. It is one of only two hospice homes here in the state of Tennessee.

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