Novonix preparing to pave the way for the electric industry in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Novonix is a new facility that is  putting roots down right here in Chattanooga. It is projected to pave the way in the industrial green economy.

On Monday, U.S. and state officials gathered to celebrate the opportunity this company brings to our community.

Novonix develops and commercializes anode material for the lithium-ion battery market. 

“We focus on technologies that are going to support building supply chains for long life battery applications, vehicles and energy storage systems,” says Dr. Chris Burns, CEO of Novonix.

Novonix is the only qualified U.S. supplier of the material. 

“Historically a lot of these supply chains are overseas-specifically Asia. This is part of a reshoreing effort. These jobs and capital will all come back to the US which is so good for our supply chain,” says Commissioner Bob Rolfe, Tennessee Dept. of Economic and Community Development.

Novonix will help manufacture the materials used in the batteries that will supply the batteries for electric vehicles; some of which are built right here in our area. 

 “By 2030, half of the fleet of all vehicles will be electric. Here in Chattanooga you are paving the way. You have the automotive industry and you have the commitment to go electric. Now you have the start of a full ecosystem for that which is the battery and the guts to the battery itself,” says Jennifer Granholm, US Secretary of Energy.

This project is a $160 million investment and will create nearly 300 high paying jobs for area citizens. 

The CEO of Novonix says they chose Chattanooga because of its booming economy, great labor pool and clean energy resources. 

“We are entering a transformational time here. This is the electrification of everything decade. It’s really starting with vehicle adoption and now a lot of companies committing to that transformation. We will start to see a lot more of grid renewable energy generations and the associated energy storage that’s needed with it. This is the under paving technology for the future,” says Dr. Burns. 

NOVONIX plans to start production in early 2022 at the former Alstom Building. 

The company’s technology accelerates research and development from years to weeks. Its material is used in lithium batteries in everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. Soon, NOVONIX will be producing premium synthetic graphite at the Chattanooga facility, with a goal of 10,000 tonnes per year by 2023 and 40,000 tonnes by 2025.

The majority of NOVONIX jobs at the Riverside facility will be highly skilled operators and machinists, and the company will offer technical on-the-job training. Hiring plans and information on job openings will be available on the NOVONIX website.

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