October Is A Month For Senior Citizens

All About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is something that many people take part in each and every day. For many different types of injuries and various rehabilitations.
It’s especially important for senior citizens, as far as overall wellness.

It’s a daily workout class at the Morning Pointe Senior Living facility on Shallowford Road.
A good number of seniors taking part, to include Clyde Edwards.
Clyde’s first stop at this center was 2018. He’s “all in” with these workouts.

“It keeps you young. I’m 90 years old. (I was just going to ask you that.) I was 90 in March of this year. (You’ve seen a lot Clyde!)”

“October is Physical Therapy Month. Those in the business take it seriously. But for those at facilities such as Morning Pointe, it’s taken seriously every single day!”

Studies clearly show that activities such as this greatly improves a senior’s quality of life, while lowering the risk of an early death. From any cause.
It improves strength, balance, blood pressure and weight management.
These workouts are beneficial and fun. But those RUNNING the classes must also be well aware of their clientele!

“We have to be mindful of pre-exsisting conditions and the disease processes that could be going on, such as osteoporosis or arthritis. We have to keep that in mind. So as not to cause more pain. But to still maximize their functions and therapy.”

These aging seniors are like just about all of us. They want to stay in good shape. Taking advantage of classes such as this. As Clyde Edwards says, nobody wants to hurt.

“It keeps people exercised. Keeps people limber. Keeps us from getting stiff. I try to walk quite a bit. It keeps me going.”

Words for all of us really. Keep going.
Studies also show that senior citizens who are healthy…..not only live longer, but also enjoy a renewed sense of confidence.