Open Records Request for Hamilton County School Parents Information Withdrawn

Hamilton County, TN (WDEF) – An open records request for Hamilton County school parents’ personal information was canceled shortly after becoming public due to many parents’ objections. Brendan Jennings submitted the public information request in connection with Friends with Hamilton.

Jennings says the request was made not to gain personal information about students besides grade and school. He says the information was for an application that would aid parents who have kids who go to the same school and are around the same age.

“We just consider this kind of like a Facebook or next-door for parents in the Hamilton County area. The person I work with on this is a developer who works with this technology all the time. He was like why don’t we adapt this for parents to use in the past and years things have been awfully tough for parents.”

Jennings says the app was meant to help but the community push back made them rethink and pull the request.

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