Parents Raising Concerns about Books in Walker County Schools

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LAFAYETTE, Ga. (WDEF) – A group of parents in Walker County are heading back to the school board to voice their displeasure with some books they say are inappropriate in school libraries.

News 12 previously reported on a group of parents who went to the Walker County School Board last summer demanding certain books be heavily restricted.

One parent, Jenn Smeiles, says since then, not much has changed in her view.

She cites books such as “Sold” by Patricia McCormick which depicts sexual violence as one example of a book that should not be freely available for children to read without strict parental guidance.

Smeiles said, “I am in no way requesting a ban. I’m asking for wise choices. The public library is full of every book you want. You can readily get it on the internet or any other source you want. The school should be a safe, with age-appropriate books. Parents are never, they never go there to choose a book. This is being given to children without parent’s knowledge or consent, and it’s illegal.”

Mrs. Smeiles says that if the school board does not comply with her and other parents’ demands, she will take legal action.

She claims the presence of these books violate Georgia obscenity law, but it is unknown how a case would play out.

News 12 has reached out to the Walker County School Board for comment but have yet to hear back.

She says that 20 to 25 parents plan to show up to the Walker County School Board meeting in Lafayette to speak on this issue on Tuesday evening.

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