Pet Rehab at Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WDEF) – If you’ve ever suffered a serious injury, you know rehabilitation plays vital role in the recovery process. Well, physical therapy isn’t just for people anymore. It could get your best friend firing on four legs again. We head up Signal Mountain on Tonight’s Pet Project.

Pets in pain will break your heart.

Dr. Blair Cornman is the Managing Veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain.

She says, “We see a lot of German Shepherds for hip problems. We see a lot of dachshund for back issues.”

Leroy is a Frenchie not a dachshund, but  Dr. Cornman says, “He as a terrible back, and I think without rehab he probably would be in a wheel chair by now. He still walks a little wonky, but he’s happy and he can play, and he’s happy as a clam.”

Knee injuries are also very common in dogs. Surgery is only the beginning.

Dr. Cornman explains, “In the immediate post operative time, we are just doing basically range of motion things. We’ll do laser light therapy, that helps decrease inflammation, makes them more comfortable, as they progress and then to an increase in muscle tone, and then they get into our underwater treadmill, which helps to get them moving and keep the muscle mass that they have and make it better.”

So how many sessions are we talking? We’ll that depends of the injury or how long the dog has been that way.

Dr. Cornman says, ” Most of our post surgical cases are going to be coming to see us anywhere from 2 to three months after their injury. We’ve had some rehab patients that have been with us from the beginning, so 4 years or more, but most of the time, twice a week. ”

The Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain is one of just a handful of local places where your animal can get the rehab it needs.

Dr. Cornman concludes, “If you have any questions and you think that rehab could be something that would be beneficial to your pet. I always recommend that you reach out to your regular veterinarian, and we’re always here to help.”

The Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain has also rehabbed a couple of obese cats to get them fit and trim.

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