Petition created at Lee University in response to student accident

Lee student was hit by car while crossing the street in February

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — More than 1,500 Lee University students have signed an online petition for safer campus crosswalks.

Last month, a freshman student at the school was hit at the Medlin Hall crosswalk on Ocoee Street by a driver who told Cleveland police that “she couldn’t see the road due to heavy rain.”

Junior history student Ezekiel Coventry believes the crosswalk, itself, is safe but also believes that drivers should stay alert of their surroundings — especially in adverse weather.

“I think drivers just have to be more self-aware of things,” Coventry said. “It rains quite a few times over here. There’s a bunch of incidents where the power’s gone out. I’ve heard the lights to the street especially [go] out and you can hardly see anything.”

Back in 1995, 20-year-old Lee University student Philip Beale was killed in a similar accident at the same crosswalk.

Fortunately, the Lee freshman that was hit last month is alive and recovering.

The petition can be found online at



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