Plans Underway For S.H.E. Trucking Expo In Chattanooga

Organizers are busy putting together a trucking convention here in Chattanooga come mid-September.

The event will be open to all truckers everywhere.

With a special emphasis on one special group of workers.

Chattanooga’s own Sharae Moore has been a truck driver for seven years. Four years ago, Sharae started S.H.E. Trucking.

It’s grown to over 20-thousand members nationwide.

And now, Sharae Moore is organizing the first ever SHE Trucking Expo.

“We want to provide more jobs, Moore says.”

“This is an 800 million dollar industry. We want people to understand the industry.

Come and purchase their own trucks. And get all of the tools they can.”

According to company board member Dr. Erica Bass Flimmons, “the expo is not just about driving the trucks.

It’s about so many other parts as well, to include things such as dispatch.”

The expo, which will be held at the Convention Center come September, will be open to all truckers.

With a special emphasis towards female minority truckers.

There is not necessarily a shortage of truckers overall.  But the industry can always use younger drivers.

Especially women and minorities.

Especially younger people who would like to start their own company.

Thomas Johnson is the CEO of Unite Us Logistics.  He says there are other expos around.  But they are geared towards the larger corporations.

“This one is unique” he says.

The event will also target trucker training and mentor-ship. With over 100 vendors on hand. There will be speakers, a black tie event……and a little truck painting as well.

Call it a bonding experience.

“The goal is to grow together.”  That’s according to Christine Thompson, who owns Painting With A Twist.

For more information, head to the website:

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