Polk County annual audit finds 14 issues, most among Tennessee counties

POLK COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — An audit report released today by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office detailed more than a dozen problems in Polk County.

According to the report, Polk County holds the most findings from any Tennessee County with 14.

Most issues are related to the Office of the Director of Accounts and Budgets and School Systems, but they can be fixed with more attention to detail.

One issue with highway department funds has been cited over the past 11 audits, says Director of Communications John Dunn. “The financial operations of the general government, the director of accounts and budgets as well as the highway department financial functions should be merged into one office. However, since 1979, 44 years now, those two offices have maintained separate financial functions. So, this audit now for year, we’ve repeated this finding that it’s time for those two offices to merge their financial functions together.”

The report also discloses that there is an active investigation related to the Circuit and General Sessions Courts.

The full audit can be found here.

More details will be released over the next weeks.


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