Possible Scam Advertising CPR Classes at Chattanooga Library

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Chattanooga Public Library officials have detected a possible fraud event at their downtown location. On Monday, the library was alerted to a series of CPR classes being advertised at its downtown location on Broad Street.

Two different classes were advertised on the American Heart Association website for Monday through November 29th. They also appeared to require registration fees of between 80 and 85 dollars.

The library is not hosting these events, and neither the American Heart Association, nor any of its partners, have reserved space to conduct these classes.

The library does host health-related events, including its current schedule of COVID-19 vaccine clinics. However, the library only partners with certified health officials.

The American Heart Association has been notified of the issue and a non-emergency report has been filed with police.

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