Preliminary hearing for suspected shooter in McCallie Avenue shooting bound for grand jury

Judge Lila Statom said in court "It's clear to me from watching that that this could be not seen as anything other than gangs"

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – One of the accused shooters in the shooting along McCallie Avenue a month ago was in court today.

Alexis Lewis was the second of three people arrested in connection with the shooting along McCallie Avenue.

Videos from the early morning of June 5th were played, and Judge Lila Statom was flabbergasted at what she saw.

“It’s clear to me from watching that that this could be not seen as anything other than gangs. Criminal, violent gangs showing up in my community that I grew up in in the middle of the night.”

Alexis Lewis watched as videos played of the chaos of the night of June 5th in the 2100 block of McCallie Avenue.

That chaos led to a mass shooting that left three people dead and 14 more injured.

The videos, which are too sensitive to show, displayed all three victims lifeless in the streets.

A memorial on the corner by Mary’s Bar & Grill is where Darian Hixson’s body was found, shot in the chest.

In the commotion of the shooting, Myrakle Moss was hit by a Jeep, run over and dragged violently enough so the bones in her left arm suffered abrasions.

Judge Statom says, even though Lewis didn’t shoot Moss, he was still ultimately responsible for her death as well.

“What we do know is that he was firing, and what do we know about that? That there’s an understanding that his actions increased the risk that somebody’s going to die.”

Upon holding Lewis over for trial, the judge gave the defendant a $250,000 bond.

Lewis’ attorney, Steve Brown, told the court “he will make bond.”

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