Pro-Choice Advocates Protest in Dalton, Ga.

DALTON, Ga. — Pro-choice protesters gathered this morning in front of the Whitfield County Courthouse in Dalton, Georgia.

Some said they feel pro-life advocates misunderstand the significance of abortion rights.

“A lot of Republicans and Christians now like to say it’s just about killing healthy babies. In my case, me and my 11 year old son would be dead, without Roe.My son had to be taken out at 23 weeks. He was not viable. So that’s just on e instance where it’s really impacted me,” said the protest organizer.

Others said they feel woman now have fewer rights than the dead.

“After you die, your organs cannot be harvested without your permission. If you have life-saving organs or blood that other people need, there is no legal way to force you to help them. And think women should have at least as many rights as our dead bodies,” said a medical professional among the crowd.

Passersby demonstrated their support for the pro-choice position by honking their horns as they passed the protest, demonstrating that supporters of Roe V wade aren’t limited to the people standing on this lawn. But the opposition to this movement was right across the street.

“This crew over here protesting — I think they should be thanking God that their mother did not abort them,” said a counter-protester.

“I’m not here to protest anything except how sorry I am for those that don’t understand the meaning of life and God’s creation of creating life,” said Dianne Putnam, Chairman of the Whitfield County GOP.

News 12 spoke with U-S Senator Raphael Warnock at an event unrelated to the protest, and he said he is in favor of abortion rights.

“I have always supported a woman’s right to choose, and that has not changed,” said Warnock.

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