Protesters greet Governor Lee at Westin hotel

Governor Bill Lee addressed a number of conservative Hamilton County groups at the Westin tonight at the annual Lincoln Day dinner. But there was also no shortage of protesters who gathered out front of the Westin and they were not shy in sharing their opinion on the governor’s performance.
“Four nights in a row we had children flown in, in the middle of the night. Children, not adults, not families, children,” says Jaime Hall.
Hall is just one of many protesters who gathered outside the Westin Friday night to voice her frustrations with Governor Lee.
She says one of her main areas of concern is immigration.
“We’ve emailed, we’ve called to Bill Lee’s office. No response, nothing.”
In fact, she thinks Governor Lee needs to be primaried in the next election.
“That’s how you bring accountability, that’s how you raise the bar on what they’re willing to do. Competition is good.”
The protesters refer to Governor Lee’s “Ten for Tenn” campaign promises that he initially ran on. They’re saying that the Governor has fallen short on those promises.
“We made signs with all of his failures and we just lined them up out here,” says AJ Debriest, another protester.
She says she’s mostly concerned about reports of the Baptiste Group housing migrant children in Chattanooga.
“He can claim he doesn’t know and that is not an excuse. The buck stops with him.”
Many of them had different concerns, but their overall message: keep speaking out on things you believe in.
“I just want to encourage parents like me that are unhappy with the current state of affairs to keep fighting, to keep speaking up. Because many times we underestimate the power of just one person that has conviction,” says Lizzy Cohen, a protester.
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