Quick actions of Dalton police, EMS workers & a friend helps to save victim of car auction accident

Woody Bramlett of Dalton was taken to Erlanger & released; friend from Florida among rescuers

DALTON (WDEF) – Seven people were hurt in a freak accident at the Moonshine Cruise-In Car Show and Auction this afternoon in Dalton.

Three of them were hospitalized – one of them at Erlanger.

Woody Bramlett was the man sitting in the front row who ended up getting hit by a car at the Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruise-In in Dalton.

You can see the picture behind me shows Woody caught under a 1940’s era Willis, and it was his friend who helped save the day.

A picture on Facebook from the event shows Woody Bramlett pinned underneath the car.

That same picture shows a man, who just so happens to be a friend from Florida, among the rescuers.

Another friend, Johnny Futo, described how the rescue happened along with police and E-M-S workers.

“They were right there with him. One gentleman cut the vehicle off that hit him and helped get the hood off of Woody, and they picked the truck … the vehicle … off of Woody.”

Futo says the quick actions of police and emergency medical services personnel on scene may have been what helped to save Bramlett from any further damage.

“Whoever staged this event, and had everything to do with the event, my hat goes off to those people. You’re talking about a well-orchestrated plan? They had it going on. It was awesome.”

The car auction was shut down and the Dalton Convention Center was evacuated after the accident, but all Futo could talk about was the courageous actions of his and Woody’s friend.

Futo: “He was right there. The vehicle clipped him, and just about hit him, and it came in contact with Woody. And Scott was the first one there. Cut the car off, and helped get the hood off the people that were injured. He’s the hero.”

As mentioned, seven people were injured in the accident, but all have been treated and released.

The Dalton Police Department is investigating what caused the car to lurch and hit Bramlett and the others.

But the show must go on.

It re-opens Saturday as scheduled.

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