Reach One Teach One raises money for at-risk youth with fish fry

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Reach One Teach One and Kids Art Box came together for a fish fry today in order to raise money for underserved communities in the Chattanooga area. I talked with event organizers about who’s going to be be benefiting most from this event.
“We’re just trying to be able to reach our kids where they are and be able to get in early and be able to change their mindset on some of the things that they have and break the generational curse that’s inside of our community,” says executive director Reginald Yearby speaking about the mission of Reach One Teach One.
For Yearby, it’s always been about educating Chattanooga’s underserved kids.
And the kids seem to be having having fun too.
“I’m excited when people come over here and we get the money,” says Jaiquan Lyons, who is a part of Reach One Teach One.
That money is going to pay for a weekend trip to Atlanta to visit six flags.
Kids Art Box is donating forty percent of their profits earned from the event toward the trip.
“I think the organization is a great one, what they’re doing for the is really amazing,” says   Founder Melanie Phillips.
Phillips says she has a personal connection to the organization’s mission.
“My husband was one of those children growing up and he was lucky because he had community. He had a community that helped him become who he is today,” says Phillips.
Yearby says it’s his goal to be a source of guidance for kids who grew up in troubled homes.
“We try to make a lasting appearance for our kids, give them a sense of urgency to be able to be successful when they get older. And also give them a lasting memory that was last a lifetime,” Yearby says.
He says that he hopes to hold similar events in the future to raise awareness for the organization, and help raise money for the kids who need it most.
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