Reaction to kid in pictures of stolen car suspect

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF)-“One of the unseen costs is the cost inflicted upon the children involved in these types of activities,” said Patterson.

Social media became active with comments when a young child was seen in local security camera pictures shared by the East Ridge Police Department on its Facebook following a man with warrants out for the theft of a car.

One news 12 viewer said “I hope the Little girl is okay. Praying they find her.”

The East Ridge Police Department said the child was not involved in the crime.

When a child is at a crime due to no fault of their own the department of Child services can be called in.

“Obviously, the police officers no more about the situation. It could be something where if the child is in the care of that person, if the child is dependent on that person meaning like the person in charge of criminal activity is a natural caregiver or somebody that has a legal duty to make sure that the kid does stay safe then absolutely that’s something that does happen but it requires the police to look at the case, determine the relationship. Why is the child at the scene,” said Patterson.

There are some situations where the DCS doesn’t need to be called.

“The child could be not related to the incident at all, cannot be related to the person at all it could be just a random coincidence,” said Patterson.

The East Ridge Police Department said a report was not filed with DCS.

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