Red Bank Giving Opponents the One-Two Whammy With Daune Morris and A.D. Crutcher

Red Bank, TN-(WDEF-TV) To have a successful football season you usually need several things. Those include underclassman to step up and senior leadership to show the young guys the way. Red Bank football has a senior sophomore combo who are helping Red Bank compete for a regional title.

Said receiver Daune Morris:”I just wanna play, looking forward to the playoffs.”

Production is needed from everywhere on the football field to be a successful team. And teams need underclassman to step up. Red bank sophomore Daune Morris is one of the underclassman stepping up.

Said head coach Ted Gatewood:”Don’t want to be on his ears and a lot of years but I think he takes to coaching well.”

But in order to be a sophomore able to contribute you need to have a few things.

Said Gatewood:”Talented young man and he has some good football knowledge but he’s one of those kids that have only one gear, one speed and that’s all out.”

And an upperclassman to show the way. Senior AD Crutcher has been showing the way with his play on the Field and his guidance in practice.

Said Morris:”That guy he helped me a lot. There’s a lot of learning he teaches. Not even the big things the small things that make everything, he wants everything perfect and I like that about AD is technique, anything.”

Said Crutcher:”Having him there with me I’ll go to the teammates is wonderful.”

Said Gatewood:”AD has been fabulous. I think about it he is he’s such an intense competitor. But he’s got such a great football knowledge that helps because you can tell kids things and he basically reiterates what we say is coaches.”

Morris says it’s different for some upperclassman to see a sophomore contribute the way he has this season but he and his teammates know they all work together to win.

Said Morris:”It’s hard being a sophomore and helping people who aren’t your class some 12 graders but I like it rolls a big role but that’s what I do.”

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